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Painted Lady, Virginia Butterflies
Pipevine, Virginia Butterflies Clouded Sulphur, Virginia Butterflies
Male Monarch, Virginia Butterflies Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Black Form, Virginia Butterflies Buckeye, Virginia Butterflies
Butterfly ID...Top-Bottom, L-R: Painted Lady, Pipevine, Clouded Sulphur, Monarch, Eastern Tiger (black form), Buckeye
All Photos 2011, Stephen T. Gibson, Certified Master Naturalist of Virginia Nature Guide


Virginia, butterfly, butterfly identification, butterflies in Virginia

Butterfly Location and Identification Field Trip. What to expect:
* We will explore in the Blue Ridge Mountains as well as rural areas.
* We will explore in the Blue Ridge Mountains as well as rural areas.
* We locate Butterflies through nature walks and/or light hiking.
* Either morning or mid-to-late afternoons on mostly to full sunny days.
* When temperatures are at or above 80 degrees (80 to 94).
* From mid-April to mid-September.
* Explore and identify upwards to 50 species of butterflies.
* Seek butterflies in forest, fields and roadsides.
* Find butterflies in obscure mountain openings and clearing.

* Search for butterflies next to wild trout streams.
* Plenty of photographic opportunities, both digital and 35mm.

This Field Trip for locating and identifying butterflies is led by a Certified Master Naturalist.


GUIDED Butterfly Identification Nature Walk with a Master Naturalist: 
This activity is for individuals (one-on-one) up to several couples.

3 Hours (Morning or Late Afternoon Butterfly Discovery Walks)
1 or 2  Person(s): $50 (for 2 same as $25.00 each)
Each Additional Person (3-4): $10 each total
Energy Fee: $15 (may be wavered)

Example A: 2 adults for 3 hours - $50 (breaks down to $25 each)*
Example B: 3 adults for 3 hours - $60 (breaks down to $20.00 each)
Example C: 4 adults for 3 hours - $70 (breaks down to $17.50 each)

*Note: 1 solo person must pay the two-person rate of $50.

 We can shortcut your desire to find and identify butterflies tremendously.

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Virginia Nature Guide is located in the central Shenandoah Valley between the Appalachian Mountains, Allegheny Mountains, Shenandoah Mountain and Walker Mountain. We also border the southern district of the Shenandoah National Park and the beginning of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Massanutten Mountain is 25 miles to the north. 

Make the Forest Come Alive.



Popular Local Butterfly Species: Monarch, Pipevine, Spicebush, Eastern Tiger, Clouded Sulphur, Cabbage White, Red Admiral, Painted Lady, American Lady, Common Buckeye, Eastern Tailed Blue, Azure, Satyr, Duskywing, Skipper, Wood-Nymph, Emperor, Red-spotted Purple, Cloak, Question Mark, Eastern Comma, Crescent, Checkerspot, Fritillary, Hairstreak, Sulphur, Cabbage White, Black Swallowtail, Zebra 
  There's more... and their FUN to LOOK for... to STUDY and PHOTOGRAPH!


Butterfly Walks and Identification with Nature Studies and Educational Light Hiking in the following areas: Shenandoah National Park, Blue Ridge Parkway, Appalachian Trail, Skyline Drive, George Washington National Forest, St. Mary's Wilderness Area, Ramsey's Draft Wilderness Area, Goshen Wildlife Management Area, Little North Mountain Wildlife Management Area and Augusta Wetlands. In the counties of: Augusta, Rockbridge, Rockingham, Albemarle and Nelson: Near the communities of Staunton, Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, Lexington, Wintergreen, Afton, Elkton, Deerfield, Stokesville, Churchville, West Augusta and Waynesboro , Va.

2003, Stephen T. Gibson/Wild Mountain Trout Fly Fishing & Virginia Nature Guide